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Writing and photography are intertwined, as both art forms tell a story in new and creative ways. I love both, alone and together. And I seek to share with others how each art form reflects our world, our place in it and the human connection.

I love the uniqueness of life, and appreciate the value of observation. Since childhood, I have had a keen eye and a way with words. Today, I delight in observation and perspective, and sharing it with those around me.

I prefer the authenticity of life's moments without photographic filters. As an award-winning photojournalist, my photographic focus is storytelling. I'm not big on technical aspects; my photographs are natural, with little to no post-production editing.


While I admire the beauty of photographs that include heavy-handed post-production editing, I prefer to show life as it is - unfiltered. I love color and the classic grace of black and white. We see life - moon beams, the sun's rays, shadows, colors, lines and intersections, and so much more - through our eye, without enhancement. And that is what I love to capture.


And, my hope is that my work touches an individual in a way that permits them to connect with something greater than themselves.

My interest in writing and photography began in childhood as a way to express myself. I distributed my poems and photographs to friends and family in various published forms. Several early poems were published in anthologies, and my works were several times honored in the Town of New Milford's former poetry contest.


In 2022, I was appointed as Town of New Milford Poet Laureate. In that role, I promote the appreciation of - and participation in - poetry and literary arts activities in the community. I initiated and revived, along with the New Milford Commission on the Arts and New Milford Public Library, the town's poetry contest in 2023.


I am presently in the process of publishing a book.

During my career as editor, writer and photographer in journalism with The Spectrum, I received more than 50 first-, second- and third-place, and honorable mention awards for feature and column writing, photography and photography/layout.

Today, I am editor/writer/photographer for the Town of New Milford’s tourism and community website, I also spearhead community projects that promote economic development and tourism in town.


I am active in the community, working with several nonprofits and serving on multiple committees. I am the VP of Public Relations for the Ostomy Foundation, which I was instrumental in developing and I co-launched with its founder. I serve as VP of Kent News, Inc., which is reviving an online and print newspaper in Kent, Conn., and I am a longtime supporter of Foundation 4 Orphans.

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